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Dangers of circulatory compromise

I often learn life lessons the hard way, but whenever possible I try to learn from others. Children often don't understand why they can't share their favorite snack or pull on the ears of their 4- legged companions.  I recently saw a patient who had a rubber band placed  
rubber_band.jpgon his leg by his 2- legged companion.  Of course, this was not done maliciously.  The child was probably trying to put it on his hair like it gets put in hers.  Unfortunately, this resulted in a deep circumferential wound that will require continued therapy to heal properly.  This type of injury is most frequently seen with collars that are left to tight or a limb caught in string or wire.  These type of injuries lead to pain, damage to muscles, nerves, and tendons.  If  not addressed, circulatory compromise can continue until the limb is not able to be saved.  When explaining to children how to treat their 4-legged companions please take time to also explain the consequences of mistreating them. 
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September 28, 2019