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  • Honoring Veterans Day
    Cottonwood Animal Clinic would like to take a moment and Thank All the Veterans who have served. Read more
  • Parvoviral Enteritis A.K.A. Parvo
    Parvo is a virus that affects rapidly dividing cells and destroys the crypt cells of the villous epithelium of the small intestine.  This causes vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhea (bloody diarrhea), lethargy, Read more
  • Dental Health Month
    Tartar, Plaque, Gingivitis O-my!  Do not let your kiddo continue to have dental and periodontal disease.  June is Dental Health Month at Cottonwood Animal Clinic. Book now and get 15% off the Read more
  • FDA recall
      Here is a list of the recent recalls from Dog food advisor Solid Gold Dog Food Recall (5/8/2012) Apex Dog Food Recall (5/7/2012) Read more
  • Heartworm facts in New Mexico
    There are many misconceptions about heartworm disease in New Mexico.  It is a parasite that does not discriminate between inside/ outside dogs or Read more
  • Dangers of circulatory compromise
    I often learn life lessons the hard way, but whenever possible I try to learn from others. Children often don't understand why they can't share their favorite snack or pull Read more
  • Dental health
    February is National Dental Health Month. Dental health is often overlooked, but very important. This is a main cause of bad breath.  Ignoring problems such as gingivitis and Read more
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